1Gal Kits

I just finished up 2 x 1Gal kits…Sierra Madre Pale Ale and White House Honey Ale. I was curious to know how many bottles people get from their 1Gal kits. It was a good experience doing the 1Gal kits, but the reward was not as much as advertised (12-14 bottles). I got 7 and 10 bottles between the 2 kits.

I will be starting a 5Gal batch of Cream Ale this weekend!!


I don’t do kits but I do some 1 gallon sample batches. I get 9 bottles on average. :cheers:

I got anywhere from 6-10 bottles.

It varies due to the amount of yeast/trub/hop material at the bottom of the fermenter. The more space it takes up, the less space for beer. That would be why there’s a difference from batch to batch. Same thing happens with the 5gl kits. Sometimes I get 50, sometimes 60.

Over the past month I did 4 of the 1 gallon kits. I got 8 bottles out of two of them and 9 bottles out of the other two.

With 128 ounces to the gallon, 10 is really the best you could hope for. With no loss and a little under filling maybe 11. Whoever said 12-14 just plain botched the math. …or has a larger fermenter than those growlers that come with the 1-gal kits.

Yeah, that’s what I was wondering, too. Where is it advertised that you’d get 12-14 beers?

I mean, you’d add a little volume with priming solution, and maybe some sanitizer would get in there? But that’s almost certainly going to be negated by the amount of sludge at the bottom of your jug, and I can’t imagine anyone really advertising that much.

Enjoy the process. I got 7 bottles out of my first one gallon batch, and the second I cracked it open I said, well, that’s not bad, but this is definitely too long to wait to just end up with a six pack, and immediately bought a 5 gallon kit.