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1945 NeoBrit 2nd gen. Suggestions

I made the AK 47 yesterday the OG came in at 1.034. I thought this would be a good yeast to harvest and reuse Thanksgiving weekend. Any suggestions as to a NB kit that is compatible with the 1945? Thanks

Innkeeper uses that yeast. A light, british bitter.

My Innkeeper keg just kicked replaced with a keg of Speckled Heifer, and the AK47 on deck. My other tap has Caribou Slobber with Rye Stout on deck. I’m thinking the nut Brown or mild brown Ale.

I used my second gen Neo to make an ESB. I thought there was something wrong after 1 week in the bottle. Tasted terrible. 1 week later and it was pretty good. Had 2 more yesterday (3 weeks in the bottle) and it’s fantastic. So that would be my suggestion. ESB, but give it at least 2 weeks to age, if not a little longer.

(Mine wasn’t from a NB kit, but i don’t see that being an issue)

That’s my new house yeast. I’ve brewed NB’s Mild Ale, Speckled Heifer, Irish Red, Multigrain Red, and 60 shilling with it so far. It’s fantastic in the mild, and I like it very well in the rest of them. Even down at 62*F, it gives some characteristic English esters. It’s a great yeast, and I think it would do well in Bitters, stouts, and porters as well.

I currently have 2nd gen 1945 fermenting a nut brown ale. Should be really good. I have also done in the past with 1945 a chocolate oatmeal stout and a RIS all which turned out very good with a nice English yeast profile.

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