18th Annual Domras Cup Mead Competition - Feb 7 - Savannah, GA

In a few days the registration page will be opening for the Domras Cup Mead Competition. In its 18th year, the event should be bigger and better than ever continuing at our new venue on the marsh, an expanded oyster roast/low country boil, entertainment, and of course lots of mead to judge. Please pass this on to any fellow mead lovers.

• Competition Date: Saturday, February 6, 2015.
• Entry window: January 4 to January 28, 2015.

We are now part of the East Coast Meadmakers Alliance competition series (East Coast Meadmaker of the Year) and the Southeastern Homebrewers Association competition series (Redirecting... ). A donation will be made to the Ronald McDonald house from the proceeds.

Why enter?
We have a core group of certified mead judges to provide great feedback on your mead. Any size bottle is acceptable (meads will be served “blind” by our experienced stewards). We know your mead is a precious thing. You can send any number of bottles you want, but we do recommend a minimum of one 750ml, two of anything else (10-16 oz.), and two if carbonated to ensure a fresh bottle for the BOS round. Ribbons and lots of great prizes - from the Savannah Bee Company (can you say 100 lbs of regional honey!), several commercial meaderies, and Savannah Homebrew Shoppe. The cost is $8 per entry.

Why join us?
We can use certified judges and mead aficionados for judging and stewarding. We have a dozen local certified mead judges, but always need help. Each volunteer will get an etched Domras wine tasting glass or some other local swag. Drawings for a door prize or two will be in order. Breakfast will be available before we start and snacks in between. Immediately following judging, we hold our epic post-party and oyster roast that is a time not to be missed, so if interested in helping to judge or steward, please sign up on the registration page and come join us. We generally try to finish in one round though a few folks may have to do two smaller rounds. BOS should start by early afternoon.

At this point we don’t have plans for drop-off locations (except locally). If entries are registered and paid for and at proper condition, however, we can accept the entries the morning of the competition if someone is planning to come judge from another area. Just let us know in advance to discuss any special arrangements needed. Registration will be open through January 28. Unless you are bringing your entries (and have made arrangements for such), all entries should be delivered by the 28th.

For more information please visit the SBL website at http://www.savannahbrewers.com/domrascup.php . The direct link to the Domras Cup on-line registration page is http://domras.homebrewcomp.com

As we say, we’re only second oldest, not nearly the largest, but we think we are the funnest mead-only competition in the world.


Chris Stovall