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'17 Surly/AHA wort giveaway: What are you making?

Surly Brewing in Minneapolis hosted an AHA Rally on Feb. 12 and gave away 5 gallons of wort to participants. The recipe was not provided, but the wort was described as having been acidulated and oaked. Surly told me the OG was 1.067 and the IBU was between 10-15. The wort was dark in color.

For those of you that got wort, I’d be interested to find out what you are making with it. I went with four friends, and all of us are making very different beers. I am going to try to make a CascadianIPA by using London III yeast, adding IsoHop after fermentation to boost the IBUs, and then adding a large amount (6 oz.) of dry hops (Galaxy, Citra and Simcoe). My friends are making, respectively, a Scottish ale, a Bock, a Belgian Wit IPA and a Fruit Sour.

What are YOU making?


I used Lalleman Dry-97, American West Coast yeast. First time ever using a dry yeast, but it’s sure percolating away. I’d like to do an IPA style, but wasn’t sure how much hops to add.

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