15th Annual Domras Cup Mead Competition - Feb 2 in Savannah

Starting to get the word out on the 15th Annual Domras Cup Mead Competition. Hope things are well with you and yours during this holiday season. Hard to believe we are at 15 years straight meeting on “the Saturday before the Superbowl”. We are planning for the biggest and best Domras ever. Please pass this on to any fellow mead lovers.

The Savannah Brewers League will once again be sponsoring the Domras Cup Mead Competition.
• Competition Date: Saturday, February 2, 2013.
• Entry window: December 26, 2012 to January 23, 2013.

Why enter?
The cost is just $6 per entry. Any size bottle is acceptable (meads will be served “blind” by our experienced stewards). We know your mead is a precious thing. You can send any number of bottles you want, but we do recommend a minimum of one 750ml, two of anything smaller, and two if carbonated to ensure a fresh bottle for the BOS round. Ribbons and lots of great prizes from the Savannah Bee Company (can you say 100 lbs of regional honey!), Redstone Meadery products, and Savannah Homebrew Shop will be provided to winners.

Why join us?
We can use certified judges and mead aficionados for judging and stewarding. We have a dozen local certified mead judges, but always need help. Each volunteer will get an etched Domras wine tasting glass and look for some of our new SBL “crimp-less” bottle openers to be available as well. Drawings for a door prize or two will be in order. Bagels, etc. will be available before we start and snacks in between. Immediately following judging, we hold our epic post-party and oyster roast that is a time not to be missed, so if interested in helping to judge or steward, please sign up on the registration page and come join us. We generally try to finish in one round though a few folks may have to do two small rounds. BOS should start by early afternoon.

At this point we don’t have plans for drop-off locations (except locally) where club members pick up the entries. If entries are registered and paid for and at proper condition, however, we can accept the entries the morning of the competition if someone is planning to come judge from an area. We’ll leave that up to each club. Just let us know in advance about any special arrangements needed.

For more information please visit the SBL website at http://www.savannahbrewers.com/domrascup.php . The direct link to Domras Cup on-line registration page is http://domras.homebrewcomp.com

Chris Stovall
Domras Cup Judge Director

Any chance you will be giving out medals this year instead of ribbons?

We’ve talked about switching, but we’ll have one more year of ribbons (til they are all used up). Then we are likely going to medals as it seems that’s what folks are wanting these days. Probably will bump the cost next year, though, to cover as the medals are about 3x the cost. Our level of swag keeps going up for the winners, though 8)

Registration is now open. Please enter your meads by Jan 23. Should be a great competition.

FYI, Looks like we may have medals for BOS winners this year.

Sounds good. I enter a couple every year and look forward to the competition. Glad to hear that you are thinking about medals in years to come.

Update: to give us more room for the event and after-party, we have finalized our change in venue. We are excited to be able to meet at Savannah Bee Company on Wilmington Island for this year’s Domras Cup.

Date and time stays the same.

Entries should still be mailed to the Wilson’s house.

New address for the competition is 211 Johnny Mercer Boulevard, Savannah, GA 31410 on Wilmington Island. We will be in their warehouse with lots of room to spread out.

So send your entries, come help us out (at the new spot), and plan to have fun!



Results for the top 3’s and BOS are now posted at:


Evaluation sheets should be available for download in 10-14 days.

Thanks for entering and to all those who helped out. A special thanks to Savannah Bee Company for hosting our competition and oyster roast. The after-party was epic.