15 gallon pot!

I ordered a 60 quart stainless pot on Friday from Amazon for $106 and it’s here already! It came today. On top of that it was free shipping. A 15 gallon stainless pot for $106, delivered 2 days after ordering it! That’s insane. The USPS has sunday delivery. This pot is enormous. I think I could fit a person in there. This will make my all grain brews so much easier. I think 15 gallons makes a boil over basically impossible. I cant wait to do a brew now. I may have to try a BIAB batch just to see if I like the process better than using my mash tun. I am just beside myself about how big this thing is. It’s no Megapot, but it seems well constructed. Riveted handles and it’s heavy.


What brand and what company?

Concord Cookware S4242Stainless Steel Stock Pot Kettle, 60 Quart. $105.98.

Haha be careful! I have a 16 gal and I was doing a 5 gal brew day Wednesday thinking the same thing. I started the boil with 7.25 gals and started doing other things not considering that getting to boil would be much quicker than I’m used to on my normal 10 gal brew days. Looked around and the hot break was just cresting the top rim of the kettle! I was amazed it had gotten that high and it took quite a while for the break to drop back down after i reduced the heat and stirred.

Having said that congrats on the bigger kettle. You are going to love it. Now you can do 10 gal batches if the mood strikes.

Well, I guess on the positive side, I never leave my pot when I am boiling. Before the boil starts, I bring my guitar outside, and I load the grill with charcoal and bring out the sausage. Once I am out there brewing I am out there other than the bathroom runs. Beer in… beer out! So I will always be there for the boil. But yeah, I am loving just looking at that big ass pot. It’s awesome!

I think you will like BIAB. I tried and put my mash tun in the garage. Haven’t looked back! You have plans to install some ports? Enjoy the extra room! Sneezles61