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15 Gal. Kettle

I have asked this question a few times in different ways, but am going to ask it one more time before I make the move tonight. I am going to switch to all grain and plan to buy a megapot kettle tonight. I want to be able to comfortably brew 10 gal batches with an og of 1050 to 1075. Surely, the majority of my batches will be 5 gal. but want to have that flexibility to do a couple of 10 gal. batches from time to time. I was considering the 20 gal megapot, but that just seems like way overboard. Will a 15 gallon megapot give me the amount of space needed to brew the 10 gallon batches? I am wondering because I understand that they are pretty wide and am not very experienced with figuring in evaporation and such. Thanks so much to anyone willing to give some feedback.

So, you’re asking if 11-12gal of wort in a 15gal pot will boil over? The answer is, maybe. But then again its always going to be maybe. If you watch things it ought to be fine, just be prepared to adjust your gas while the stuff is first coming to a boil. And theres always Fermap S, a wonderful product that lets you walk away from the pot knowing it won’t boil over.

+1 to Fermcap.

I start all my 12-gal batches with 15 gallons of wort in a 15.5-gal keggle. Boil-off for a 90-min boil is about two gallons, a half-gallon is “lost” when the wort cools, and a half-gallon remains in the keggle. It takes a watchful eye and a few drops of Fermcap to keep from boiling over, but it’s not difficult.

I plan 11 gallon batches most of the time and boil in a 15.5 gallon keggle also. Usually start with 13 to 14 gallons of wort and boil for 90 minutes or so with no problems. Any size pot will boil over if you dont keep an eye on it but the wort will physically fit in my pot. Not sure what shape the pot you are purchasing is but you should be able to boil 14 to 15 gallons in a 20 gallon pot without too much trouble. For that matter you should be ok with the 15 gallon pot also if your pre-boil batch size is in the 13 gallon range.

So what are you going to buy?

I boiled 13.5 gallons in my 15.5 gallon keggle last weeked. Didn’t even use Fermcap-s and no issues at all.

I plan on buying the 15 as long as it will accommodate a 10 gallon batch from time to time…just waiting to see what everyone has to say. Also think that I will be getting fitted with the thermometer and ball valve.

Ok, I thought you had a deal you were going to jump on

What’s the price difference between 15 and 20 gallons?

I’d get the bigger pot. Or a keggle. Megapots are wider, so you’re going to have more dead space as well as more evaporation than a keggle. I start most 90 minute boils with 15 gallons in my 20 gallon pot, and end up with about 10.5 - 11 gallons total in the fermenters.

+1 if the price difference is ~15%.

i’ll be going with the 20 gallon this winter and converting it to electric…i figure that the extra breathing room will be nice.

I’m Not sure about a mege pot but on Sunday I brewed 12 galloons in a 15.5 keggle at a full boil with out a boil over.

I may be late on this, but I use a Mega Pot purchased from NB. There is quite a bit more evaporation with this pot due to the width than others. With that said, I do like my pot and I use a 20gal MP. On a 10gal brew I need 13gal of wort to finish so each fermenter has between 5 -5.5gal of wort in the primary. I would have boil over problems at the hot break if not for my 20gal Mega. I would hope that you would consider the 20gal. In the future I plan on using the Mega Pot for a mash tun which will allow me to mash the entire grain bill in it rather than my current 2- 10gal round coolers and get a Blichmann 20gal for my new boil kettle.

I have done it both ways. 15 gallons is possible. 20 gallons is preferable. I do 11 gallon batches with 90 minute boils and figure about 11%–12% evaporation. On my bopils, I do a 2 hour boil and 20 gallon capacity is mandatory.

I do 10 gallon batches in my 15 gallon pot all the time. 12 to 12.5 gallon pre-boil for 60 minutes. No issues, plenty of room.

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