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15 Gal conical for 60 bucks?!?!

Am I crazy or does this seem like it might be too good to be true?

MDPE should be food safe right? Because the way it looks to me, I should be able to do a little garage engineering to make this work right?

edit: yes it is food grade and I guess its 80 with shipping

You would need to make your own stand, it seems… still seems like a good price, if you want to work with that kind of volume. I’ve never heard of the vendor, though.

I have access to all sorts of scrap metal and welding equipment at work so the stand wouldn’t be an issue. I did see it is about 70 for the stand alone. I figure given my current setup I could easily brew a 12-14 gal batch assuming I planned it out to add a little top off water. I think my boil might be limited to 11 but haven’t used my keggle yet.

These tanks have been used for brewing beer and for wine making. Search"roto fermenter" and you will find more information. There if one site describing with pictures for making a wood stand. There was one brewer describing the plastic as porous after he needed to dump a few batches. The need to dump though may not have had anything to do with the tank. Cleaning and sanitizing could have been the culprit.

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I could see it being porous now that you say that. That’s probably the difference between medium and high density.

Think about temperature control and cleaning. Its more work. What about volume packaging. I do alot of tens but buckets for me. I like simplicity.

Wow who invited this buzz kill to the party? :wink: simple increase in volume of pbw. Hopefully

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Hey didn’t mean to burst your bubble. Just playing devil’s advocate

Haha yeah always good to have you people (like me) around for bringing someones head out of the clouds from time to time. Still think I might do it though. Get one of my trainees to clean it…read kids

I see it has FPT, female pipe threads… So more attention will need to be done during cleaning/sanitizing… I would think you could build a keg washer sort of gizmo to continually recirc with acid based sanitizer just before you fill it with precious brew! Sneezles61

Yeah those FPT have me a little worried but I think I could work out a way around it. Like you said maybe recirculating some acid wash. Time to convince the wife a pump and a conical is in order

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