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14 days krausen not falling on NB Hefe?

Im brewing the NB Bavarian Hefeweizen. Today is day 14. The fermentation was very active, a friend recommended I use a blow off tube, which was a good call. Air lock activity has slowed if not stopped but the Krausen has not fallen. I’ve read on here that rocking the carboy might help so if rocked a little the last few days but it really hasn’t helped. I took a S.G on day 1 of 1.052. day 12 it was 1.012 day 14 1.010. I asked my LHBS for suggestions they say put it in a secondary for another week. Since im still a newbie I figured id post and look for suggestions. Thanks in advance.

go by gravity and gravity only.

If it is still dropping (and it appears it is), just leave it on the yeast. The yeast is consuming stuff that you don’t want to (well, at least you don’t want to taste it). For the record, I completely disagree with your LHBS’s advice and based on said advice, I would take any advice they give you with a shaker of salt.

I would try moving it to a warmer area of the house for a few days. What was the beer and ambient temp during fermentation?

I pitched at 74. The fermometer on the side of the carboy has been a consistent 66-68. Room temp is 68.

I agree with Pietro. Its still fermenting so you want to leave it on the yeast. In addition there is no reason to secondary a hefe. Wait for a stable reading and bottle it. If the krausen doesn’t fall rack underneath it.

I brewed 10 gallons of Belgian Wit and split it into two carboys (5 gal each). Fermented one with Belgian Wit yeast and the other with Forbidden Fruit. Both started showing signs of activity within about 6hrs. The Forbidden Fruit’s krausen dropped after 2-3 days. The Wit yeast’s krausen didn’t drop for 2 weeks. I kegged at 2 weeks and both were done at 1.010 and 1.012. The krausen never dropped on the Wit.

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