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14.92 sale?

The 48 hour sale any 3 of 5 kits does the discount only count towards the kit itself and not the added yeast and priming sugar?

Discount is only for the basic recipe kit. The yeast and priming sugar would be at the regular price.

I use corn sugar to prime with. I buy it in 6 pound packages when NB has a discount on the total order. You can use plain table sugar for priming without any ill effects. Table sugar just takes a little longer to dissolve in hot water than the corn sugar.

buy one yeast and repitch and use table sugar

I’m not worried about paying for the yeast and priming sugar. I couldn’t find the edit button on the desktop site to try changing it between the dry and liquid yeast option to see the difference in price in cart. Also the desktop site doesn’t show a itemized drop down of the discounts. I see the mobile site does. Thanks.

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