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115th Hopbursted 2IPA. Help

I just brewed this beast and allowed to much hop residue into my carboy. I guess I should of used a strainer with a screen? My carboy is 1/3rd full of hop trub. How worried should I be, and what should I do if anything about it?

I wouldn’t worry about it at all, once active fermentation stops let it sit another week or two, most of it should settle out.

Almost 12 hours since pitching and no real signs of activity? Usually ther is something by now??? I’ll let you know after I return from work… Later

What are your fermentation temps? I used to only see activity with 12 hours when I DID NOT control fermentation temps and pitched too warm.

i just brewed this and didn’t strain at all going into the primary and everything turned out fine, but i would definitely let it sit on the yeast for at least 3 weeks. Once you get it into the secondary everything will drop out and it will be nice and clear.

Thank you everyone, the fermentation is on its way now, close to 22 hours from pitching, ferm. temp. currently is 69 F. The top 2/3rds of the carboy is clear, its the bottom I was trippin on. Thanks again for your responses.

69* may be a little warm for fermentation temps on a big beer like this.

you guys rock!

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