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115th Hopburst

Hey All,
Just brewed this 9Extract) last friday. Great brew session but damn, a ton of hops. Strained that Green gooeyness upon pouring into primary. Yeast Started WL001 and let it fly. Took 2 days to get started and bumped up the temp in the bathroom where its fermenting from 64 to 72. Kickstarted in almost 30 minutes.
So now its one week later. Gurgling is done, krausen has dropped, beer starting to clear. usually on most of my brews, I rack to secondary at 1 week. Read some posts that say wait the extra week in Primary and then rack to 2ndary. Any thoughts here? Also read some posts that no need to wait the full 3 months for fermentation. Go at it after 2 weeks in primary and 4 in secondary. I will be kegging and force carbing.



I do 10-14 days primary and if I’m not dryhoping then straight to keg and carb.

Thanks Speed.
was thinking of doing that, Although I never have. About 10PSI for a week or so and then ready to serve or let it settle in keg? Good inch or so of traub at bottom, don’t want any of that in keg. Was going to rack to a 5 gal carboy maybe a week and then rack to the keg?



This sounds like a great beer. I hope it turns out well. I usually wait 2-3 weeks before moving it to a secondary, typically longer for higher gravity beers. Never go longer than a month or the yeast will start to break down. If you move it to a secondary too quickly, you can interrupt the fermentation process and will be left with acetaldehyde in your beer. It will give you a green apple flavor, which is generally considered a fault.

3 bits… adjusted for Obamacare premiums (duck!)


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