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115h Dream O.G

So I wasn’t paying attention and added the second addition of syrup at the 30 minute left to boil mark instead of the 15 minute left. My O.G. is 1.077 instead of the kit expected 1.087. Is this because of my bo-bo? Can I do anything to get the O.G. up or should I even worry about it?

your OG will be the same no matter when you add it. did you boil all 5 gallons with the extract? or did you add water to reach your desired volume?

what happens to most extract brewers is - the water they added, and the wort they boiled weren’t mixed 100% causing a false reading. its very common, and not an issue. if you ended with 5 gallons your OG will be what the kit said

good enough for me. thanks for the reply.

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