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10gal tall boy question?

Hello I purchased a 10gal tall boy kettle from northern brewer about 2 years ago. So my question I know there others out there that have this same kettle so what I am asking what are your boil off rate’s. I tested my with water an I determined I lose 2gal per hour.

Me have different kind of kettle. But same thing. Boil off about 2 gall per 60 min. Got my burner running full power.

Boiloff rate would be contingent upon how vigorous a boil you use. I don’t boil at a vigorous rate so mine is less. Around 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 gph.


Same here, I’m on the low end of the spectrum, certainly less than two gallons, at sea level I get about 6-7% boil off per hour, with the 10 gallon tall boy and my set up. I’ve heard 15 % boil off is more typical with a vigorous propane fueled boil…

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Humidity will also affect your boil off rate.

And the alignment of the stars.

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altitude…barometric pressure…lucidity and sobriety of the brewer…haha

Everyone’s boil off rate is different as others have said…To lose 2 gals you must have your wort almost jumping out of the kettle…all you need is a good steady rolling boil…and to try and be consistne with it each time so you get the same result.


Too much heat, and caramelization will darken your wort… Even scorching! Blackened pale ale!! Sneezles61

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