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1084 lacking character

Hi all, new to the forum. Was just wondering if anyone has had a beer come out too clean using wyeast 1084? Made two brown ales and instead of using the 1968, used 1084 since it was what was available. Find it lacking in complexity and was really looking forward to eaters and maybe a bit of diacetyl since this would be my first liquid yeast. All grain hit temps and gravity on the nose but fermented @ 62f maybe just too cool? Thanks in advance

1084 at that temp is going to be extremely clean. That’s the bottom end. According to wyeast it provides more esters above 64°.

Hmmmm , guess it’s not all bad. No offense to anyone but I’m so over the hop trend. Not that I don’t enjoy IPAs but just bugs me that my local breweries don’t have 10 different beers, they have ten different IPAs. Been on a malt kick as of late, and I really like the beer they carry at Harry Potter world in Hollywood. Quite a bit of butterscotch flavor but I found it pleasant. Was hoping to replicate if even slightly but to no avail.

Btw thank you for the reply

No prob. That’s why I make my own beer. If I want a hop bomb I got it. If I want a flavorful light lager, it’s there. If I want a malty amber ale, consider it done.


I’m with you on the IPAs. Just got tired of them and haven’t brewed one in a few years. Still like them though and pick up a bottle of Stone Ruination now and then to get a fix.

On the 1084 I agree with loopie. I never could pick out much character from it at higher temps so at that low I can’t imagine any. Most beers you would use it in would have enough from the dark malts to kind of take over anyway.

mm did try the butterscotch beer at disney world did think it was nasty

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