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1056 Starter Smells Like Apple Juice - Infected?

I just built myself a stir plate and it works like a charm. I’ve got a starter of Wyeast 1056 American Ale going right now. It smells like apple juice. I’m worried that I have an infection.

What does 1056 smell like on a stir plate normally?


I feel like the smell of yeast (like in bread, or a beer) isn’t that far off from apple juice. You might try chilling it in the fridge, decanting off the beer, and doing another starter just to be sure, depending on when you are brewing.

On your next NB order, pick up a few packets of US-05, as its the same yeast, you don’t need a starter, and if you have any worries about yeast, you can pitch it directly in to a wort of up to about 1.070 and pitch adequately.

I agree, especially in a room temp. starter.

1056 is known for acetaldehyde. Which should dissipate.

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