1010 question

On wednesday I’m doing a three gallon Am wheat (1.042) in a five gallon carboy. Do I need a blow off tube with this yeast?

2+ gallons of head space? Probably not. If you have one it would not hurt anything to have it on.

Any time you see true top cropping yeast in the description you should watch it closely,or just put the blow off tube in to begin with. I’ve been fooled on more than one occasion. :cheers:

I used the blow off tube and it looks like I won’t need it after all. The foam was a bit over an inch thick and the airlock was burping every two seconds or less.
I added 12 ozs. of honey at 11 am, I’ll see if that’s made any difference by the time I get home at 6 pm.

That’s what I thought with the batch of barleywine I recently made using S-04, I had to take off the airlock and add the blow off tube on the second day.