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10 weeks in primary - toss or bottle?

Due to procrastination, I have a batch in primary for ten weeks - is it worth bottling or should I pitch it? Also - I have some dried yeast on hand - I assume I will need to add a bit of yeast in the bottling bucket - any tips or links on how and how much to add would be much appreciated.

You should be fine and if it wasn’t a big beer the yeast should be fine but you could add some just to make sure. Always taste to be sure though.

Taste it first - it’ll be obvious if there’s oxidation or autolysis.

Thanks - will try it in the next day or so - to “add a little” yeast, should I take some from a new packet (I used dried yeast) or purposely suck up a bit of yeast sediment from the bottom of the fermenter when I rack to the bottling bucket? If I take new yeast - should I use a tenth of the packet or thereabouts and will an open packet keep for a few days until I can do a new brew? So many questions - so many nice people. Thanks again.

Use 1/4 to 1/2 pack of fresh yeast - you want healthy yeast that hasn’t been sitting in an alcoholic environment for months.

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