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10 gallon question

I recently started doing 10 gallon batches, and found that when I simply double the grain bill of the 5 gallon reciepe, I loose a lot of my color.
For example. I recently did a Stout that was 16lbs of 2 row, 2 lbs of chocolate male, and 2lbs of crystal 10. and it seems that my stout looks more like a brown ale or light porter. My 5 gallon reciepe (the same grain bill just cut in half) produced a wonderful, heavy, black stout, so why does doubling the reciepe not produce twice as much of the exact same beer?!?!

Did you double your figure for evaporation rate? Shouldn’t. Sorry, that’s all I got.

We did. The only thing that changed was the SRM, the Gravity and alcohol and hops were all on point from the original receipe, the only thing that was different was the 10 gallon batch was lighter in color. I don’t understand why!

When I punch your recipe numbers into BrewMate, I get an SRM of 28.8, which is just under what the SRM range is for an American Stout.

I think maybe a better question is why did your 5 gallon batch produce a black stout? If the grain bill was what is listed below, then you would have had a dark brown.

8 lbs 2 Row
1lb Crystal 10
1lb Chocolate

I think your ten gallon batch came out right.

The original (5 gallon) receipe had Crystal 60 instead of Crystal 10. Which would have a darker color, but it wouldn’t be THAT much darker. I’m hoping that the fermentaion will darken the color.

No reason that it should darken, though.

just turn the lights off when you drink it. :smiley:

HA! I like it!

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