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10 gallon question - hops

I’m trying to redo a 5 gallon recipe as a 10 gallon recipe.
I’ve doubled the grain bill, but when I put the hops into Beersmith, it reads out the same numbers, So basically 2 Oz in a 5 gallon batch yeilds the same number as the 10 gallon batch. Is that right? I thought bigger batch needed less hops, but the same amount? Seems something might be off.
Anybody have any insight?


if you go from 5 to ten gallons, you should need double the amount of all ingredients, hops included. water needed will be slightly less than double since your boil off is the same regardless of the volume of the batch, assuming the same kettle.

You might get a little better hop utilization from a larger boil but could be offset by a little more concentrated average boil gravity. Since the boil off volume should be about the same, like blatz stated, your pre-boil gravity will be a little closer to the post-boil gravity, compared to a smaller batch.

So double the hops should be about right.

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