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10 Gallon Batch Question

Tomorrow I am brewing two different cream ales. both have the same grain bill and bittering hops. my thought was since I have a 10 gallon round cooler and a 16# grain bill was to mash twice and sparge twice then boil a ten gallon batch then run the first 5 gallons through the plate chiller and stop the pump and add my 2oz cascade, 1oz corriander and 2oz orange zest before transfering the last 5 gallons. does this seem like it would be a long enough steeping time to get any flavor or am I better off just doing two 5 gallon boils? I can usually get 5 gallons to 60* in about 10 minutes. any tips or thought to doing this? its my second 10 gallon batch and my first time doing anything like this. thanks in advance,

I might be missing something, but won’t a 10 gallon cooler hold 16# of grain? At 1.3 quarts per lb, its something like 6.5 gallons of volume?

For your other question, it will likely work fine. I’ve split batches of Hefeweizen before and made one half into a pseudo-wit by dosing the carboy with coriander and fermenting with a non-Hefeweizen yeast.

That recipe sounds alot like Matt Kurth’s variation on Ed Worts Haus Pale ale? O.k.,so not so sure about all the mashing and sparging you speak of, but I don’t see why you can’t just cool 5 gallons as you propose, then finish off the last 5 gallons with some late additions. I would suggest you bring that last 5 back up to a boil, especially if it’s anything like the recipe I think you are brewing, the orange zest really needs the 10 min’s of boil to blow off some of its flavor I suppose, so its not over the top flavor-wise, and those cascades need the boil to do their thing as well. What’s stopping you from just bringing it back up to a boil to do this, then cooling it when it’s done?

Thank for the replies-

I was not sure if the grain bill and the water amount would all fit, so I was planning in two seperate mashes. I think I’ll just do one and save the time. Thanks!

I am not sure on the Ed worts Recipe but it might be simmilar. my main concern was chilling through a plate chiller and sanitation. I may be stressing this too much but I hate waisted beer and was worried about the chilled wort sitting in the chiller for to long before I could start the next chilling.

Thanks agin!


So checking again by my brew program Brew365 it looks like I need 5.20 gallons of strike water. should that work?

That matches what I saw in ProMash as well.

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