1 vial in a 1 gal starter?

So i am doing a lager OG 1.048. Can i do a one gallon starter for one vial of white labs with an expiration date of 5/30/13. Would this be to stressful on the yeast. I have always done 2 packs but it gets costly

assuming 5.25 gallons of beer, it looks like you need about 355bi cells.

That translates to two vials in a 3 liter starter, assuming you don’t have a stir plate.


Ya i use a stir plate. i just dumped both vials into a 4 L starter. I use mr malty for cal the starters. i just have never used white labs yeast and dont see a “born on date” per say. to enter.

I would do it.

It’s not “proper”. But you are getting close. If you have the space/time, you could split the finished starter into 2 new starters.

And unless you are counting the cells with a microscope, who knows if you have the “proper” amount anyway. :wink:


With the stir plate, Mr Malty says a 4.5l starter you have enough yeast. There was no need for the 2nd vial IMO.

ah. then, yes. What Hawk said.