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1 time brewing; making up a recipe from homegrown hops

I grew hops for the first time this year and got around 8ozs from 4 different plants. I have never brewed and would like to try and come up with a good extract ipa recipe. The hops I have are 1 oz of Chinook 3.5oz of glacier 2/3rd oz of horizon and 2.5oz of zeus. I kinda sketched out this off other recipes I’ve seen

5gal batch
Wyeast 1056
1lb 10l crystal steeped 20min
1lb carapils steeped 20min
3.3 extra light lme at 60min
(3.3 extra light lme at 30min

2/3rd oz horizon 60min
2/3rd oz Zeus 60min
1oz zues 15min
2/3rd oz Zeus 10 min
1oz Chinook 5 min
1oz glacier 0 min
2.5oz glacier dry hop 7days

Lemme know what u think if this will work. Thanks!!

That is a lot of hopps for a first brew. My suggestion would be, to start off with only one or two types, of hopps and less of it. Then as you brew againe, adjust the hopps to your taste. A 5 gal brew is a good bit of money and work to find out you made some thing that is undrinkable. Not saying your recipe bad, just take it easy on your first couple brews.

hmm, most of the ipa recipes I have viewed used atleast 6 oz`s of hops in their recipes. I have seen some that used over 3 oz in the dry hop stage alone I thought if anything this was an average amount of hops to use in an ipa. Thank you for the reply all help is much appreciated as I am completly new to this

Just plugged your recipe into brewtoad as imperial IPA, comes up with 104 IBU, and 4.8 ABV. your OG 1.049, FG 1.012, and SRM 6.

First time brewer? Try a kit that sounds like something you would like. Get your technique polished before you try to fly on your own. Practice with the brewing process can relieve a lot of anxiety.

Thanks; I appreciate the advice but like I said I grew some hops this year and would like to brew them. Is there anyone on here willing to let me know if they thought this recipe would work? Thanks again all help is appreciated

Thank for doing that! So is there any way to tweak that recipe to get the alcohol percentage higher?

Sure you could, add fermentables.
One the biggest mistakes I see, is trying to see how high an ABV and hopps IBU you can get on your first time out.
I agree with Flars, Get a kit, and do a lot of reading. Homebrewing is a lot of fun, Its even more fun when the first brew is a tried and true recipe that you and your freinds can enjoy.

If you insist on useing your hopps, subistute your hopps for the kits.

haha thank you guys for your concern but like I said I have hops that I grew and it would be a shame to see them go to waste. I have some experinced brewers who can help me with the brewing process itself I thought it would not hurt for me to do a little research myself and reach out on this board to see if that recipe would work. Would uping the malt extract a little get the Abv up? Most IPAs I drink are around 6 - 7.5 percent. Thanks again


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