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1 Gallon recipe

Does anyone have a good home recipe for 1 gallon batches. I am new to this and I am really enjoying making 1 gallon batches so I have a variety on hand. I know it seems like a lot of work for 9 bottles but hey I gotta do something now that it is getting nasty outside. Shoot em at me and I will try some of them. Thanks in advance Wayne

Any NB recipe. Divide the recipe by 5 for a 1 gallon batch.

As stated, any recipe can be scaled down. Thousands upon thousands of recipes are available online, on forums, on recipe exchanges, on sites like brewtoad, etc. Most recipe sites allow you to scale to any size. When I want to build a recipe, I’ll usually think of a beer that I’ve enjoyed before, and try to either emulate it or improve it. Search for a clone recipe for any brew that you want to try to copy.

If you’re looking for something more structured than just venturing out on your own, try this:

Yep just looking for ideas… Thanks for the replies…

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