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1 Gallon Kits

I have the deluxe starter kit with the glass carboys.
Any issues using that kit with the 1 Gallon kits? I gave only done the 5 gallons in the past.

That will leave a lot of space filled with oxygen, which could result in an oxidized beer. Either purge the vessel with co2, or use a smaller vessel. Even with that being said, I would not be afraid to try it, the risk is fairly small, and if nothing else you’ll learn something new about brewing.

It will work just fine. Eventually you might want to buy smaller fermenters (personally I use 3-gallon carboys) to limit the air space and because they’re easier to carry, etc. Just keep in mind that you never want to fill a fermenter all the way to the top because the yeast will overflow, e.g., you can’t really make 1 gallon of beer in a 1-gallon fermenter, but rather only like 2/3 as much.

I would not be afraid to do it. There will be oxygen at the start, when you want O2 in the wort. cO2 is heavier than O2 so as soon as fermentation starts there will be a layer over the beer, reducing risk of oxidizing the beer. Finally, (back of the napkin) the 1 gallon will give off about 20 gallons of CO2 so any air space will be all CO2 soon after fermentation begins making oxidation low risk.

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