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1 gallon kits


First time poster here.

For fun, I decided to try a couple of the NB 1 gallon kits. Has anybody done this and had good luck? The included directions seem to truncate the fermentation times, and forgoes the secondary fermentation all together (at least for caribou slobber.) I am assuming this is because these are designed for brew-curious folks with limited equipment. Prolly wouldn’t hurt to leave in a single fermentation vessel for a month before bottling?

Also, are the fizz tablets shite? Anybody have good luck with those?


Most beers don’t actually need a secondary fermentation. I wish the major online homebrew shops would update their kit instructions. It will be fine after 4 weeks in the primary, but in reality you should be fine bottling it after 2-3 weeks.

I’m not sure which fizz tablets you’re talking about (there are a few brands), but I’ve had some good results with the Coopers carbonation drops.

Hi, I’m new too and did my first batch after Xmas. From what I’ve read here and the few ques I’ve posted lead me to believe I can leave my batch in the 1 gal container for another 2 weeks (that would be 4 weeks total in the jug) and then bottle and leave for another few weeks.

I have a few other kits so I’m a bit anxious to get the container back but seems that patience is the order of the day with homebrewing. I’m having fun so far and I hope it all comes out well.

Hey, I realize this is 9 months late, but thanks for the insight. The kits came out good actually, and the fizz drops supplied with the kit worked really well.

Thanks for the update.

IMO, if you are going to continue with 1g batches, find some 2 gallon pails. Then you can easily brew a 1 gallon beer.

Midwest Supply has the pails. Also check with your local grocery store, bakery, or convenience store to see if they have small pails that they will give away.

No problem at all with not doing the secondary thing and keeping the beer in primary for 4 weeks.

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