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1 gallon into 5 gallon

I’m currently looking into creating a 5 gallon recipe from NB’s 1 gallon recipe. Though the trend I’ve seen is that it is a linear increase, the numbers I’m getting off of my recipe calculator (Brew Toad) are pretty insane.

For instance, I want to make the Bomber barley wine such that:
1lb fermentables = 5lb fermentables (reasonable)

7grams Centential = 35 g at 60min
3.5 Chinook = 17.5 g at 30min
3.5 Chinook = 17.5 g at 5min

The brew calc is telling me I’m estimating about 1500 IBU’s which seems pretty harsh :wink: how do I fix this recipe so that I can brew it at 5 gallons?

I can only think that BrewToad thinks you stared with 7oz Centennial,
3.5oz of Chinook (x2) to get that high a bitterness.

Plugging in 35oz, 17.5oz , 17.5oz into BeerSmith yields 1753 IBUs in a 5gal recipe.

Without knowing your OG, I calculate your IBUs at roughly 53, assuming 1.080 OG, which would seem to be in the ballpark. There are roughly 29.6 grams per ounce, so I’m wondering if your conversion (assuming you converted grams to ounces for the common IBU calculators out there) went haywire somewhere.

Thanks for the speedy and great responses. I must admit, I am pretty embaressed by that simple error. I was so focused on the forumla I was using that I didn’t think twice to check the units - I’m sure all of my professors would be rolling thier eyes at me.

Thanks again! I’m looking forward to doing a 5 gallong of the Bomber Barley wine which we my add a Vanilla flair to in secondary. I’l be sure to post how it comes out.

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