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1 gallon Caribou Slobber extract kit

Can anybody tell me if 2 weeks fermenting followed by 2 weeks bottling conditioning is enough time? The airlock hasn’t bubbled at all for about a week. Btw, I don’t have a hydrometer.

If you don’t have a hydrometer then I would give it 3 weeks, then bottle condition.

Slobber will be carbonated at 2-3 weeks but it gets better with age. Think a couple to a few months.

Me just did brew last week a slobber i use the six week fermenting 8 to 10 days in first take a reading and transfer to second icluding dry hops

Thanks guys (or gals). My slobber looks ready after 2 weeks fermenting but I’ll wait another week to be sure.

Your patience will be rewarded. (edit: waiting is the hardest part of making beer :slight_smile: ).

And welcome to the forum!

What are you thinking of brewing for your 2nd kit? Are you fermenting with a carboy? or using the "little big mouth bubbler"?

I’ll probably brew a couple more small batches of Caribou Slobber so I can get the hang of this brewing stuff. Btw, I’m using 1 gallon carboys for fermenting. Thanks!

You will most likely need to use a blow off tube on your fermentor. One gallon of beer in a one gallon fermentor doesn’t leave a lot of headspace for the krausen. Krausen entering the airlock can cause a pressure build up. When the clogged airlock and bung blow, the krausen and some beer will follow. The height the blow off reaches is temperature dependant, but always a mess.

Thought I would add a photo of a blow off assembly using the three piece style airlock.

Thanks Flars, yep I learned that lesson already, lol. Now I use blow off tube for the first 3 days before using the airlock.

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