1 gallon bottling

Looking for suggestions on how to go about bottling a 1 gallon batch.

Not sure using the bucket I use for the 5 gallon batch would be good since it typically leaves about a quarter gallon in the bottom. Thought about getting a 1 gallon lemonade dispenser, but hooking up the spring tip bottling filler might be a problem.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

You could make a small bottling bucket. I have gotten 2.5 gallon buckets, that are tall and narrow, at the local grocery store for $0.50. They were frosting buckets. Add a spigot for bottling. Have the bucket tilted so only a few ounces of beer is left over.

These buckets would also make great fermentors for one gallon batches. Very little risk of blow off with the extra head space.

I made my own bottling bucket from a 2 gal plastic pail used for fermenting.

Thanks! I ended up getting a 2 gallon bucket, and added a spigot.

Worked great!