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1 Gallon batch

I am going to try my first batch of mead - actually two 1 gallon batches. My yeast is Wyeast 4632 dry mead. After reading up on a bunch of posts on here already, here is my plan:

Any recommendations are welcome.

Yeast starter split between the two batches with yeast nutrient added and honey instead of DME
3.5 pound of honey per gallon (would love some recommendations on honey types available in coastal SC).
water to fill to the gallon mark
15 minutes at 170 degrees (I’ve read the various viewpoints on this, going to go ahead and heat).
1/2 gram Diammonium Phospate per gallon batch

Expect primary to be done in a month or more? Can I keep it around 60 degrees with my beer that is fermenting?


Sounds good.

May want to look into SNA.

Fermentation will likely be done in a week. Leaving it alone for 4-6 weeks is fine.

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