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1 gal SMaSH

i have yet to brew an ag batch and would like to make a few 1 gal SMaSH batches just to get the flavor profiles down plus some more beer how much grain/ hops should i be useing for 1 gal stovetop biab all being basic say 1.040/1.050

Just a wild guess, somewhere in the 2-3lb range. 1.5lbs gets me a ~1.03-40 .75g starter.

You can check with or download qbew, strangebrew or a host of Excel based homemade spreadsheets to help you with gravity/IBU calculations.

That should be about right. Assuming 65% efficiency:

(45 points)(1 gal)/(0.65*36 point-gal/lb) = 1.9 lb

Obviously, hops will be highly dependent on what you’re brewing, but according to Tinseth’s figures (online calculator
), for each 0.1 oz of 5% AA hops you’ll get about 10 IBU. Of course, you can take any 5 gal recipe and just use 1/5 the hop additions.

Honestly, though, I’ve done a couple of 1 gal batches and I wouldn’t again. You’re talking about 4-6 hours of work for 10 bottles of beer.

Ty for the reply’s yeah I know 1 gal is work but I have the time
And was thinking this way I can understand the flavors better before
I take the jump to all sg

You can also take any 5 gallon recipe and divide every item by 5.

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