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1 Gal Dead Ring IPA

Followed everything to the T, but I only got about 1/2 gall wort.

  1. Did I boil at to high of a temp?

  2. Should I add water?

Any advice would be great. Thanks ahead!


Yes you can add top off water to get to 1 gallon.

A day later it may not be a good idea to do so.


Thanks for the reply. Greatly appreciate it. I will keep that in mind for next time. Just gonna let it ferment and :cheers: !!! At least I have beer!!!


If you followed everything to the T and wound up with less volume you should have a higher gravity and higher ABV to compensate for your lack of volume.


Everyone will be a little different with their boil off rates. You will have to find what volume you need to start with to end with 1 gallon. Or 5 gallons. You can always add some water if you need to.

Also with these 1 gallon kits, IF you put 1 gallon in a 1 gallon jug, you WILL have a blow off issue. So you may want to only have 3/4 gallon or a little more in the jug. Or, order a 2 gallon pail to ferment in.

You can also check with your local bakery to see if they have some small pails you can use.

Cool. Thanks for the great tips.

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