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1 beer fermenting & 1 conditioning in deep freezer

So I am about to brew another beer this weekend and I was wondering what to do about the other beer that is conditioning in the deep freezer when I add the other one to ferment.

I have raised the temp in the freezer to about 68-70 degrees to let the beer condition and it wont be done for another month (it is a high octane beer).

I guess my question is, when I finish brewing my beer this weekend and I need to turn it down to 62 degrees, is that bad for the beer that I have conditioning in there?


Have you reached your FG on your “high octane” beer? If so, temperature isn’t so important at this phase since the time where any of the off-flavors that would be produced due to temperature has already occurred. You should be fine allowing it to sit at a lower temp.

if its just conditioning, why not take it out of the freezer? Do you have a basement? if there is a place that stays in the 60’s, the beer will condition just fine-

I am still new to brewing so I need to get a wine thief so I can test my FG but I think it should be fine because it has been sitting in there for 30 days, I am about to transfer it to a secondary this weekend and start dry hopping here in a week and a half.

Thanks for the advice.

Before I had my kegerator where I will cold crash/cold condition, I would control temps (on an ale) in my chest freezer for 3-4 days, then take the fermenter out of the chest freezer and put it somewhere in the house in the high 60’s, low 70’s until ready to dry hop/package. Temp control (unless you are lagering or cold crashing) is only really critical during the first few days of fermentation. If just ‘conditioning’, where there is no real yeast activity happening, the flavors are just melding and that can happen at a wide range of temps.

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