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1/8" ID tubing for soda

anyone ever used 1/8" ID tubing to dispense soda?

found this:
<check Eric Faden’s comment at the bottom of the attached article> ... raft-beer/

I found the tubing on amazon (or also on McMaster-Carr) but am not sure yet how to attach to the tap and keg - I though McMaster-Carr might come though with that as well - just haven’t foudn the solution yet…


You can attach all sorts of tubing to different barbs etc… by simply immersing the end of tubing in boiling water for 30-60 seconds and it slides on like butter. I have attached 3/16" which has a thick sidewall onto 3/4" barbs before. It was a fix up job for something unrelated to brewing.

For an easier solution to soda see my prior post about the whole spectrum.


What it comes down to is using a super inexpensive “helix” that comes in epoxy mixing tubes and dropping one or two of these down the liquid dip tube to create the nessecary restriction smaller tubing would setup therefore you can use commonly used tubing sizes.

I put a length of 1/8" tubing inside my dip tube but could never get it to work properly. The pour seemed to ‘pulse’ between foamy and not-foamy every second or so. Could be correctable, but I never messed around with it enough. The epoxy mixing nozzles, however, are the jam. 4 of them in the dip tube and it was almost pouring too slowly at 25 psi.

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