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1.5 Vol CO2 basically flat?

Hey guys,

I brewed a brown ale and want to carb it to 1.5 vols of CO2. But it’s coming out of the keg completely flat. I don’t get any bubbly at all. The beer is at 45F and the regulator is at 3 PSI which is what all the force carb tables I’ve seen says to use at that temp. It’s been in there for a week now so I don’t think it’s a time problem. Pressure left at 3 PSI for serving.

I guess my question is, what should 1.5 vols be like? I’ve never done anything at this low of a level so I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking for. Should it come out flat or should I see some bubbling?


You probably have more carbonation than that when it comes out of the fermenter.

After looking it up at 60F it’s close to 1 volume. 1.5 should have some bobbles coming out of it. It might all be knocked out by serving it.

Thanks. I think I’ve decided that 1.5 vols just isn’t enough. Slowly ramping it up to find a level that I like.

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