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1/4 threaded posts/gas splitter question

I got a splitter for my keezer build. I’ve got everything up and running now. Tonight was the first night I’ve turned gas on to the splitter. (I haven’t had to till now as I have a double regulator and had been using the ‘other hose’ that goes straight from the regulator)

Seems I have small slow leaks around the 1/4 threaded fittings I’m using. Do you guys put plumbers tape or paste on those fittings prior to attachment/tightening? I didn’t use any and I ask because I don’t notice anything on the “factory put together stuff” that I’ve been using since beginning brewing a year or two ago.

(I’m a carpenter, not a plumber! Ha)

For clarification here’s the splitter I have: ... toffs.html

and my gas lines have the threaded female end. Tightened all the way and still some small leaks after testing with leak fluid. Plumbers tape for you guys or no?

Yeah, use tape on the 1/4" pipe threads. The outlets to your gas lines are flared, so no tape. You do need washers, though. They’re nylon and cone shaped.

All those slow leaks can drain a bottle pretty fast.

As mentioned above, the nylon washers are the most important thing. I use them on every 1/4" flare/swivel nut connection.

If you still have leaks using the washers, try tape in addition. It can’t hurt! I seriously doubt you’ll have leaks using the nylon washers on the output side, but I guess the input is slightly different.

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