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1.082 Gravity done at 1.03?

Brewed a stout sunday at 1.o82 and pitched on some yeast saved from 2 weeks ago (wyeast 1272) had a nice heavy slurry. Anyways great brewday all around, airated and within 45 min to an hour had very active (blowoffs added) fermentation. Today there is very little activity on the airlocks and gravity is at 1.030. Im planning on transfering tomorrow. Should i wait a day or so, also could i maybe add some dry yeast to it to drop it down to about .020 thats where id like to finish at.

Any input grealty appreciated…


Extract? If so it might be finished at 1.030. A recipe would help.

Regardless, you don’t want to move it off the yeast until it’s at FG. Three days might not be enough time for a beer that big to finish.

No this was a 22 gallon all grain.

I wouldn’t focus too much on where you’d like the beer to finish. The beer has it’s own natural FG determined by the wort and the yeast. I definitely would not move it off the yeast. I would increase the temperature and hope to get some more attenuation. What yeast strain are you using? Fermentation and mash temps?

Wyeast 1272…mashed @ 154 and fermented @ 68. Was a very vigorous fermentation.

IMO that mash temp is high to be trying to get a lower FG.

I would let it sit 3 weeks before I worried about moving it.

I doubt that adding another yeast will get it lower than this yeast will take it. Because of the mash temp. It’s not like you maxed out the alcohol tolerance of the yeast and want to pitch a more tolerant yeast. Unfermentable sugars are unfermentable.

You’re at like 64% attenuation which is lower than pretty much any healthy yeast should be able to achieve with a 154 mash temp. With 1056 I plan on 75% attenuation with that mash temp. Granted 1272 with not attenuate quite as well but it should be close. If you really can’t get it to ferment any further with a temperature increase I would be say that the health of your repitched yeast slurry is in doubt or that you over pitched in a way that had a negative impact on yeast health.

Thnk -you everyone for the replies. I will try moving the beer to a warmer room(the one our boiler is in) and leave it for another few days trying to drop that gravity another few points. Thanx again everyone. will repost some results.


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