05 Ale yeast: To start or not to start?

What is the general consensus on using a starter for dry packet 05 Ale yeast? I have done with and without.

Waste of time for dry yeast.

I just sprinkle 05 on top of wort when at correct pitching temp and shut the lid.

I usually rehydrate it. Sprinkle it on top of 4 oz of ~100F water. Let rehydrate for 15 minutes, stir and pitch.

No need to make a starter due to the higher cell count with dried yeast. I usually rehydrate in 90-100 degree water for 20 minutes and then pitch. If you are really worried about your og being too high, check mr malty ---- you may have to pitch a packet and a half or even two.

Starters can be detrimental to the yeast and sort of defeat the purpose. Sprinkle on dry or rehydrate, oxygenate or don’t bother - KISS is one of the best features of dry yeast.

Never made a starter for dry yeast. Always sprinkled on top of the beer, unhydrated. Never had a problem. Experiments by many have proven that there’s no reason flavor-wise to dick around with dry yeast. Just sprinkle it in and you’re done. This is the really huge advantage of dry yeast. It’s cheap and easy and very effective. I still use a lot of liquid yeast and I always make starters for those. But I also always keep several packs of dry yeast on hand, just in case I see a sluggish fermentation, I know I can just sprinkle a pack of dry yeast in and everything will get rolling just fine. It’s very cheap insurance.

Thanks for the thoughts. I will sprinkle on dry with one hand while holding my pint in the other!

I sprinkle it on, let it sit for 10-15 minutes, then oxygenate the living hell out of it.