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American Wheat ale HELP!

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American Wheat ale HELP!

So i recently made an American Wheat Ale extract kit. And really wanna make improvements to it for a second batch. Ive been reading about how people add a couple pounds of clover honey, so i might try that, yet i dont know when to add it.. or how. Im also looking for other idea to add to the brew as well, i dont want to limit this to just honey ideas

Also if anyone has ideas that worked for them on a Irish Red Ale, to give the kit and added punch to flavor, also help raise the Alcohol content would be great too. I feel its always better to use the kit, yet add a little extra UHHMFF to it...

Any Ideas would help and very appreciated. i also request that you also give me some guidance on when and how this stuff should be added instead of just saying "Add Honey". Im knew to brewing so, ill need more elaborate directions

Thanks ALOT!, hope you get some good ideas

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Re: American Wheat ale HELP!

I'm not a big fruit in my beer guy, but you can always add some Oregan fruit puree or BrewMaster fruit extract to the American Wheat to make a Cherry Wheat or Raspberry Wheat. The fruit puree can be added to the primary or secondary. The amount is kind of up to your taste, but 1.25 lbs is a good start for some background fruit flavors in a 5 gal batch. The BrewMaster extracts are typically added @ bottling time @ a rate of 1-4oz for a 5gal batch.


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Post Mon Jan 24, 2011 8:37 am

Re: American Wheat ale HELP!

The Oregon Raspberry puree works really well. I add a can (3#?) to a base wheat ale for a full aroma, and nice, crisp tartness. As initial fermentation slowed, I added the puree to another fermenter and racked the beer onto the fruit, then just let fermentation finish. If you don't have a second fermenter, you could probably just add it to your primary fermenter assuming you have the room to fit it in there.

As an alternative, you could also consider adding some hops at the end of the boil for some hop aroma.

Generally, if you just want to add more flavor and alcohol to a beer, I would suggest adding another pound or two of light malt extract to your recipe.

Whatever you do, I would suggest you pick one idea and give it a try rather than doing a few at a time. A hoppy wheat beer can be nice, but I don't think a hoppy, raspberry, honey wheat beer would be all that great!
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Re: American Wheat ale HELP!

The problem with adding more than (roughly) one pound of anything is that it'll throw off the bitterness. The beer will be very sweet if you add 2-3 lbs of honey, for example. If you want to boost the alcohol content of any kit, the simplest way is to add a pound of corn sugar. It'll add roughly 1% abv, and shouldn't affect the flavor too radically. Just add it at any point during the boil. In terms of adding honey, usually the end of the boil is preferred, but if you're just looking for booze, it doesn't matter.

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