Post Wed Nov 14, 2007 7:12 pm

Trying to make a Carlsberg style Christmas beer "Juleol

Danish christmas beer is much like their lager, except mildly darker, closer to an amber, with higer alcohol, 6.5-7.5 i cant remember, and a little sronger malt flavor.

It traditionally comes out around now and i have a hankering. Furthermore my basement is finally cold enough to do a lager.

I believe it looks something like this, however I am not sure. Please take a look.

6 gallon
90min boil

OG 1.072
FG 1.018
IBU 29
ABV 7.0 %
SRM 11

65% eff

14 lb german pils
1 lb vienna
1 lb carapils
.5 lb aromatic
.5 light choco (or .125 choco)
2 lb cane sugar

1.5 oz Hallertau Pellets 90 min

1 tsp. irish moss 15 min

wyeast danish lager (big starter + nutriants)

There may be too much bitterness, and it may be close to 6.5%