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Vinoka Kits / Smirnoff Ice / Hard Lemonade

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Post Sat Aug 26, 2006 1:12 pm

Vinoka Kits / Smirnoff Ice / Hard Lemonade

Anyone ever try one of these kits?

This looks like the answer for the people wanting to make hard lemonade, etc..



Post Sat Aug 26, 2006 1:16 pm

If you have a keg setup (require to carbonate Vinoka's kit) then you can duplicate this without the expense. Ferment out a sugar/water mix or white grape concentrate/water mix to your desired abv, sorbate, add lemonade concentrate until desired flavor is reached, keg, carbonate, bottle.


5th of vodka, 4.75 gallon lemonade, keg, carbonate, dispense.



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Post Mon Aug 28, 2006 9:52 am

I got one of these kits a few months ago and were told we would be fine bottling it (not by Nothern Brewer), but after reading the directions it sounds like you do need to keg or force carbonate. Since, I do not have this capability (yet) I ended up returning the kit. I did email Vinoka to see if they had a work around for the kit and here is what they sent me:

"You are right, you cannot bottle carbonate after adding sulfites and sorbate. The Hard Cranberry Lemonade is also very good if and not carbonated, sweetened to taste, served over a little ice in the glass.

Next time you may want to try the following:

1) When making it, dilute the base to 12 liters only, not to 23 liters, and ferment it. It will be twice as strong.

2) Go through all the steps in the instructions, including adding sulfite and sorbate.

3) When clarified, (filter or very clean racking), add the flavor mix, no sugar for sweetening, bottle it into regular wine bottles. Keep them dark and cool. Label the bottles: “Unfinished Product”. Finish the product in the next step:

4) Before serving, put a bottle into the fridge along with a bottle of Sprite, and when chilled, mix them 50/50 into the glass. "


Post Sun Apr 15, 2007 9:26 pm

Vinoka ice

Thats is exactly what the fellow at the Vinoka factory said (they have a phn# on their box and I called them, very nice people), execpt he told me to mix the Sprite and Vinoka Ice together in a bottle 50/50 and cap it or party pig. I put the product in the party pig first then finish up with bottles.
Then I decided to try one of the bottles mixed 50/50 and it tasted like only Sprite. So then I bottled using 1/3 Sprite and the rest product but, a couple of the bottles I also added a Coopers CO2 drop.
Now I just did this Sat, its Sun now and I just tried one of the bottles of the 1/3 Sprite and rest product and tasted like flat wine. I can post the rest of my experience with the party pig when I get back home ( Im a trucker) so Im gone for a couple of weeks.
I am afraid I have a party pig full of expensive something Im not going to like, and it sure as hell didnt taste like Smirnoff Ice. I hope to start kegging before the summer is over and I might try it again, Im not too hopeful abouth this batch.


Post Mon Aug 13, 2007 11:12 pm

Last year I made a batch of Vinoka ice without carbonating it and bottled it,my friend mixes it with canada dry and just loves it ,I don't mix it at all and like just like that,by the way I added a 26oz.bottle of vodka to 5gals. just before I bottled it,does add a little spice to it

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