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When used as an ingredient for beer, does corn sugar affect fermentation?

I should have read the recipe better and asked this a week ago, but I’m currently brewing Northern Brewer’s Swig of Sunbeams IPA kit which uses one pound of corn sugar with 10 minutes left in the boil. I’m curious if it will create a stronger than usual fermenting environment since it’s a sugar in my 5 gallon primary fermentation bucket which might push the airlock off. I’ll also be pitching the first yeast starter I’ve ever made as I made the mistake of not pitching enough yeast last time. Cheers !

I say using a starter is more likely to cause an airlock to blow off… Corn sugar will bump up the gravity… Maybe even leave a bit drier brew… as in a lower final gravity FG… Find some tubing that’ll fit the nipple of the air locker and put the other end in a jar with water… If it does blow… it should go down the tube… not filling up the air locker gizmo…

You want something like this:

Blowoff Tube

for a standard 5 gallon narrow mouth carboy. Put the other end in a bucket of sanitizer.


if you forgot the sugar just leave it out. if you boil it in a little water, cool it, and add it it will be fine.

the corn sugar is an important ingredient for the Sip of Sunshine or any NEIPA will be a different beer without it. it may be trickey to add now unless your planning to secondary. So i agree leave it out on this one then brew it again back to back and notice the difference

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