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Whats everyone brewing now, ready for summer

That looks good. I’ll have that.

Now figure how to make aroms and taste be able to be sent out to the other PC’s…. Just pour some over yer PC and hit send?:grin: Sneezles61

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Last weekend I had the last 2 bottles it was better yet. This year I’ll make it again I have some WL400 Belgian wit yest coming in the mail. Also some Brett clausini I’m going to use on an ESB. Wonder what it would do in a Wit

Proceed with caution there - the wheat content can give the brett precursors for plastic and vinyl flavors, and the clove can be converted into heavy barnyard and mousy flavors. Some people love that level of funk. But brett c in an esb is f’ing on point. I’d drink that by the gallon!

Dear God in heaven, “mousy” is a descriptor? Brett scares me enough already without thinking of beer tasting like dead mouse. The last Brett I tried was just peppery, but my wife thought it smelled like perm solution.

I brewed a golden strong last weekend…and if it gets here in time…I’m making the Kama Citra allgrain into a 3 gallon batch This weekend :grinning: Kegged a wheat brewed with huell melon this previous weekend.

Brett is awesome! Just need to respect it and know what it likes, or more important, what it doesn’t like. But among all the yeasts, this one has made the most mind-blowing beer I’ve ever had, and the absolute worst. To me it’s worth the risk!

Edit - and among the various flavor descriptors, there’s the lovely yak fur and wet dog. Mousy is right in there… ever cleaned up an old mouse nest in your basement, and that’s what ya got! Not my favorite.


Think we’re going to take another whack at the Cut Off the Topper and another shot at a Blackrocks’ 51K clone.

Currently have a cream “ale” made with S-23 in keg, Dead Ringer bottled last wed, and Bourbon Porter in secondary. I’m planning on doing a double brew day this weekend for a Hefeweizen (Tettnanger 1oz-60m) WB-06 and IPA/APA (columbus 1oz-60m,mosaic 1oz-10m, cascade 1oz-dry hop) with San Diego Super Yeast.

I’ll be doing a Hefeweizen in couple of weeks. Considering using WB-06 instead of WY-3068. What is your fermentation temperature with WB-06 and the resulting flavor the yeast adds to the beer?

NEIPA next up. Ingredients bought, need to crunch numbers with Brun water, Brewers friend and off we go…

Bottle conditioned Cherry Saison still finishing up at @ 10 days in the bottle and have stuck one in the fridge the last 2 days and “tested” them. Wow, that Wyeast 3724 makes a freakin’ good saison.

Maibock on gas to be tapped after a short trip to Cincy 2nd week of May.

@flars I got balanced clove/banana flavors and aroma last two times I’ve made a hefeweizen with WB06. It actually was one of my favorite beers that I have brewed. It’s a super easy brew day too. I started fermentation @ 65 F in my basement and let it rise and finish on its own. I thought it was better in bottles than it was in keg. In the keg most of the tasty yeast fell to the bottom within a week. The first couple pints were delicious and then the taste profile became much less intense. The great yeast taste in bottles remained though since you can swirl it up after pouring most of the beer into a glass.

You can swirl your keg too. :wink: in fact, many do this with kegged wheats.


I may try this…my hefe is becoming clear.

Me brewing session today at brewery. A ipa. Gonna use cetennial and kent goldings. Grav 1.065. Fg 1.012. Thursday. Dubble session at home. A dawson kriek. And a imperial stout.

Brewing a German Lager right now. Almost done with the first rest. Brewed a lemon ginger saison last weekend. Went very light on the lemon and ginger… can’t take it out. Interested to see how that turns out.


Brewing a session brew this weekend, which is essentially a yeast starter for a tripel that I’m going to make in a couple of weeks.


I guess I’m different. Brewing a Dry Irish Stout. Using S04 for the second time. Plan to hold the temperature under 63°F. Pitched 4:00 PM yesterday at 58°F. Two inch rise in the krausen this morning at 62.4°F in one hour. Swamp cooler, wet towel, and fan going to hold the temperature.

Next is Dead Ringer, Speckled Heifer, and two Hefeweizens.

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I been getting my lagers brewed and lagered for summer. Right now have a maibock, helles Dortmund, German pilsner Czech amber and bo pilsner and Saaz American lager. All brewed and lagering


Yeast for IPA started today, brew in the AM… Just before the snow storm hits here… Sneezles61

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