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What is this item?

In my box of the Irish Red 1 gallon kit I found something extra. I see that it fits the top of the 1 gallon fermenter and what is its use?

I poked around NBs site and couldn’t come up with it. Hopefully someone here as one of whatever it is.

Just a guess here. It looks like the slots are for tubing albeit small. With a hole in the center ring that might accept tubing as well. Maybe some sort of blowoff contraption?

I’ll second the blow off contraption! Tell us how it works.

So it goes over the neck opening and the stopper and airlock goes in it?

Thanks for the input. There is no hole in the top for an airlock. It could be some sort of blow off. Odd how I also couldn’t find reference to what it was here. I does fit snuggly into the 1 gallon screw on brew lid. The kit also came with the bung and airlock, which I am using.
Wonder if NB will jump in here.

It wouldn’t be for inverting the fermenter after washing so it can drain would it?

Unlikely as NB doesn’t really monitor this forum.
It could simply be a piece to prevent the top from breaking during shipping. You could reach out to NB customer service.

It was loose in the box. There was a screw on cap on it when it arrived. I did send a picture of it to NB via Amazon. That was before I knew of this place. I haven’t heard from this yet.

Is your 1 gal. fermentor a big mouth bubbler? I think it’s provided in case you don’t have your own bung and airlock. You’re supposed to let it rest on top of the lid over the bung hole and then fill that reservoir on top of the lid with star san to create an airlock.

I remember the same type of gizmo came with a 5 gal. glass big mouth bubbler I purchased 5 or 10 years ago. I thought they phased out that kind of lid because they were notorious for air leaks.

Hope that helped. Cheers!

Yes it is a 1 gal. fermentor big mouth bubbler. It did come with a bung and airlock. I used the bung plug/airlock. Could it be that I got an old kit with new stuff too?
Anyway, it has been 4 days and all is brewing as it should. Seems to be settleing down some with less foam.

Then you’d swap out the new gizmo for a standard ol’ gizmo! :joy:

It’s an airlock, but not really. I have a few of them around here as well. They keep critters out just fine.

Measure cup for laundry. Detergent. Looks like it

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