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Sugar brown

So me running out of cornsuger. One more batch. Thats it. But will place a order next year again. Now thinking. Can i use brown sugar. At the end of the boil. And this dont give me funky flavours

Sure can. It’s basically table sugar mixed with some molasses. Might darken you up very slightly as well as possible alter the taste perception. I know I probably wouldn’t notice a small addition. Probably wouldn’t want it in a pale fizzy lager

Table sugar would be a better substitute. You can certainly use brown but like mentioned above you will get some flavor that might not be appropriate for the style. I use brown sugar in a Porter

And I use brown sugar to mimic a newcastle brown ale… 1-1/4 cups last 10 minutes to boil on a small grain bill. Sneezles61

I’ve seen plenty of substitutes for white sugar and powdered sugar, but there are a bunch of recipes with brown sugar I’d like to do. I know brown sugar packs differently from white sugar, so aside from flavor, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be a 1:1 substitution for white sugar.

Does anyone have any tips on this? Is there perhaps some combination of erythritol and some kind of extract that works pretty well?

Also, what about molasses?

“Erythritol is tooth-friendly; it cannot be metabolized by oral bacteria”, so I wouldn’t bother using it as a fermentable sugar… when sugar is just lying around in every grocery store at low low prices.

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