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Small batch all grain brew

OK so I have 4 extract / partial mash 1 gal brews under my belt now. So what I would like to do is set up to all grain brewing but I love the ideal of making 2 or 3 different small batch brews in a day.
I am looking to convert a 5 gal igloo water cooler into a mash tun. with the hopes of making 2-3 gal batches at a time. So the questions is if I see a 5 or 10 gal recipe can i just brake down the percentages of the different grains to work out how much I will need to yield the 2-3 amount I am looking for? and if any one does all grain small batches like this and can offer any tips that would be great! thanks in advance.

Simple answer is yes, you can just scale the grains down to the amount you want to brew. To make a 2.5 gallon batch from a 5 gallon kit, split all the ingredients in half.

A 5 gallon cooler is perfect for a 3 gallon batch. The large mesh bags that NB sells actually fits perfectly into a round 5 gallon cooler. Makes for easy lautering - just lift the grain bag out of the cooler when you’re done. If you want to sparge, have the sparge water ready in your kettle and dunk the bag and stir a bit. Easy peasy!


3-gallon All Grain is pretty much my standard. I brew in a 20-quart stockpot which has come frighteningly close to boil over but has been fine. NB even has a (depressingly) small selection of 3-gallon kits. Look under BIAB, although you don’t have to follow BIAB to make them. I generally find recipes on the internet then scale them in BeerSmith. I usually hand-adjust amounts to “reasonable” amounts. Whole ounces for grains, and quarter ounces for hops.

You can also get away without a yeast starter more often.

Regardless of batch size 2 batches in a day is a lot of work, but that’s just my opinion.


Brewtoad has a free recipe builder with an automatic scaling feature.
I haven’t used it yet but it does look good. I like the “Scale to sensible amounts” check box.

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Brewers Friend has a scaling tool I use all the time. Yo have to remember you have to scale all your additions also which it does and the recipe builder has a built in pitch calculator

So here is the recipe I am thinking of doing.
Imperial Milk Stout (Gunny’s Coffee Mug) OG 1.101 FG 1.030 IBU 85 9% ABV
3 gal yield
2-Row (US) 9 lbs
Roasted Barley (US) 0.3 lbs
Black Malt (US) 0.3 lbs
Caramel/Crystal 90L (US) 0.3 lbs
Chocolate (US) 0.3 lbs
Lactose (Milk Sugar) 0.6
Summit (US) 1.37 oz 60 min boil
Cascade (US) 0.6 oz 00 min boil
Safale S-04 10 grams dry
Add ins:
Vanilla Beans 0.25 of a whole bean 5 min boil
Whirlfloc Tablet 0.25 tablet 15 min boil
Coffee (Crushed) 0.25 oz 5
Whiskey(Scotch Whiskey) 0.25 oz 2 Days before bottling

Are there any pit falls in this?

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