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Saflager 23(S-23) slurry

I have 2 jars of reasonably fresh S-23 slurry from my Pre-Pro lager and was wondering what to do with them. Looking at old threads this yeast apparently has its issues. Any thoughts on good uses for this yeast? (Some have stated the best way to pitch this yeast is into the trash)… :worried:

Try a smaller batch of lager? Sour dough starter? Sneezles61

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Leaning toward a Munich Helles at present but still considering options…never brewed a California Common as I can Lager without problems with my setup, and I’ve never had a great one. Almost time for Bock season…hmmmmm

Never had a great one… Cal common? Er… lager! :grin: If the yeast isn’t so great, then, I wouldn’t spend too much effort until you confirm the rumors out there… Sneezles61…PS… Bock….

Yeah, not excited about the commercial California Commons I’ve had so far, certainly not enough to want to brew one.

Update on my meanderings on this yeast: it seems like on the Brewers Friend site, S-23 is used about 5:1 in Bohemian Pils over a Munich Helles(337 to 66). The potential for or reality of fruity esters in a Helles would be a problem.
So…Bohemian Pils is surging into the lead. Brewing. Soon.

it should be what you want to brew… Maybe very true to the style, or just out to try something different… Its all good! Sneezles61

So to give an update on the Bohemian Pilsener brewed with S-23, (aka Denny’s least favorite yeast), my results are in. I’ve used it now in two lagers. Both were fermented at typical lager temps at 50* and I employed a DA rest. I have nothing but good things to say about it.
The first was a Pre Pro lager which was very nice(any shortcomings were related to my first kegging attempt and problems with carbonation).
However the 2nd brew, the repitch of S-23 slurry, a Bohemian Pilsener, really shines. It is a bright, clean delicious lager with very minimal fruity notes, enough to make it interesting, but certainly understated. No overpowering “Bartles and Jaymes wine cooler notes”.

Bottom line: I’m very happy with this dry yeast and will use it again. Don’t be afraid to give it a try in something other than a California Common.

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