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Methods for bottling/kegging

I’m new to beer brewing, and was curious to see what the most efficient (time and money) way is to bottle or keg for 1-2 gallon batches? As in, is it cheapest and easiest to just bottle every time for a batch that size?

I have brewed in 5 gallon batches and more recently in 1 gallon batches. For 5 gallons I keg most of it and bottle maybe a 6 pack. Bottle all the one gallon batches. I have to say, 1 gallon batches are too much work for what you get (10 beers). Its good for experimenting but not for production of beers you already know how to brew. The easiest way is to keg. Not the cheapest, but the easiest. Sometimes those two est words are mutually exclusive:)


Honestly might not be much of a time saver to keg 1gal which is about 10 bottles. You could bottle that pretty quickly.


Idk I just transferred 13.5 gallons to 3 kegs in 30 min. This did not include cleanup of the fermenters but did include sanitizing and purging the kegs with CO2 prior to and during transfer. I know I could keg 1 gallon in less than 10 minutes. Plus don’t have to wait 2-3 weeks. With 1 gallon in a keg and turned on side for greater gas transfer rate could have drinkable beer in less than 1 day without even speeding up with agitation and higher pressure.

Bottling would take at least a half an hour I guess…more for me since I do it less. Some may not mind the additional time and save hundreds in kegging…personal choice :slight_smile:

This is not mentioned enough and I’d like to put it out there. If you keg you will end up drinking more maybe alot more. So if that is a problem I’d bottle. So much easier to give it gift it or age it

for 1 to 2.5 gallons I find bottling in Flip Top bottles like the green Grolsch bottles very easy.
Also get yourself a bottling wand.

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