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Metabolizing beer components

Got an odd question. Any chemistry or medical nerds here? Hoping there is someone here who might know. Actually, I’m trying to figure out a medical situation with my Dr.

Can anyone think of some ingredient or component of beer that could take up to 7 hours to metabolize? I’m trying to figure out what triggers a reaction around 7 hours after drinking a beer (mild cardiac thingie). Alcohol was the first suggestion but it’s something that only seems to happen when drinking beer. Liquor does not seem to cause it.

Thanks in advance

Different beer different ingredients. If its an alergic reaction you need to narrow it down more. Id recommend stop drinking beer


Thought about Gluten, but I consume mass quantities with no issues.

Calcium Chloride… Look at that… I don’t think all brews have it…

how do you react to wine?
Also are we talking about home-brew here or all beer?

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When I started drinking homebrew instead of store bought it took my body a while to adjust to the active yeast. I remember having some heartburn the 3rd -6th batch. My body has since adjusted and I’m also eating a lot of other active fermented foods as well these days.

Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to home brew for a few years. I’m partial to Belgium and Saisons. The last significant episode was after a Duval.

haven’t noticed anything, but don’t drink much of it.

I’ll make a note…

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