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Malt substitute question

Hey guys I have a recipe that calls for .5lbs for triticale malt but my local homebrew shop does not carry it does anyone know a good substitute that I could use.

Triticale is a wheat/ rye hybrid, So you would substitute wheat and rye malts. In this case .25lb of each

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I learned something new. What type of beer are you making with it ?

There’s not a lot of info out there on Triticale malt. It’s an old hybrid,19th century.

I’ve heard that word being thrown around… Thanks to Squeegee, I know what it is now! :grin:

I’m brewing a trillium inspired pale ale. Here is what I’m working with.

10lbs - Pale 2-Row (Malt)
0.5lbs - Rye (Malt)
0.5lbs - Triticale (Malt)
0.5lbs - White Wheat (Malt)
6g - Calcium Chloride (Brewing Salt)
1oz - Mosaic (Kettle Hops, 0 min)
4oz - Mosaic (Dry Hop)
2.5oz - Citra (Dry Hop)
2.5oz Galaxy (Dry Hop)
Yeast Nutrient (15 min)
1tsp - Irish Moss (Fining Agent)
British Ale (Yeast)

I will question the CaCl… 6 grams… Do you know your water make up?


That is a lot of calcium chloride. Agree with @sneezles61, unless you have a water report or know how that will affect the beer I would not use it.

6 grams of sugar for comparison. Because I’m out of calcium chloride. I dunno could be ok. I agree that you shouldn’t just add it without knowing your water first.

The CaCl has a bit more “horse power” than sugar…(flavor wise) I know it looks minuscule…

I’ve put "cap full"s into brews. I cannot measure that now gm wise since I don’t have any. I’m not sure I ever noticed it… I know you are sensitive though.
1 gram gives you 72 ppm Ca+2 and 127 ppm Cl-1
I think I stopped using calcium carbonate almost completely, maybe a little in dark beers.
I’m more inclined to using calcium chloride for hoppy beers.

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I was questioning it too when I read it but I took it right off trilliums website. I’ve always been careful with recipes that call out specific water chem. Not everyone’s is the same.


Calcium chloride enhances malty flavors, calcium sulfate enhances hoppy brews. Chalk has largely been replaced by pickling lime(easier to use).

@sneezles61 is a sensitive guy :joy:


Thanks. I always switch those purposes in my mind for some reason since a tend for the soft mouthfeel. I wonder what sharpness would do to a Brett beer since they are soft on their own.

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